12 Foods That kill  Parasites in Your Body

April 26, 2024 By Andrew Alpin In Nutrition
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A Parasitic infection is something no one likes living with, but sometimes, through contaminated water or food, parasites enter our bodies. While they do love outstaying their welcome, it isn’t all that hard to get rid of them through foods that kill parasites in human bodies. However, an infectio...

Healthy Nutrition: 8 Benefits of Oats

March 08, 2024 By Andrew Alpin In Nutrition
Breakfast is one meal you should avoid skipping because it is the day’s most important meal. Most nutritionist recommend oatmeal for breakfast because of its abundant benefits. The good thing with eating oats is their compatibility to be a sweet and savory dish. Either cook yourself a flavored and...

12 Healthy Vegetarian Sources of Protein 

March 06, 2024 By Andrew Alpin In Nutrition
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Protein is an essential ingredient of nutrition required by the human body. Scientifically speaking, protein provides your body with essential amino acids that are the building blocks of life. It initiates enzyme production and constitutes the most important of physiological processes in the body, p...

Vitamin B12: All You Need to Know

March 01, 2024 By Andrew Alpin In Nutrition
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Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in various physiological processes in the body. It is essential for the formation of red blood cells, neurological function, healthy skin, eyes, hair, liver and brain function, brain health. As one of the 8 B ...

How Much Biotin Should You Take: The Pros and Cons of Biotin

March 01, 2024 By Andrew Alpin In Nutrition
If you’re focused on maintaining healthy hair and nails, you might have heard of or are already taking biotin. Biotin is a substance commercialized as a supplement strong hair and nails for years, but experts think otherwise. However, biotin has been also found to interfere with blood test results...