Ensocure Senior Care AHA Certified Live-in Medical Assistants

Lab Testing & Travel Concierge

Close-up of unrecognizable medical specialist embracing shoulder of patient while helping him to stand up out of wheelchair

Personal, trained attendant for lab and specialist visits

Our concierge travel service provides transportation for specialist visits or complicated diagnostics, ensuring safe and comfortable travel for patients. An attender is assigned to accompany all medical visits the patient has with third-party practitioners/specialists. This attendant will record notes, both voice and written, of each encounter for later integration into the patient's care plan.

Doctor, nurse and xray with men and health consultation, advice and help with healthcare discussion.

Complete medical appointments assistance

The attender participates in daily standup sessions with the nurse to update them on the patient's status. The nurse then informs the doctor, who appraises the family council when necessary. Additionally, a nurse visits independently every two weeks to conduct an independent checkup of the patient. Home x-rays and blood work included.

Diet. Fitness and healthy food diet concept. Balanced diet with vegetables. Concept of natural food and healthy lifestyle.

Personalised hygiene, medical and diet care

The attender is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the patient's room and managing their medical inventory. They will also prepare meals based on a specific diet recommended by our nutritionists and assist the patient with eating. This ensures that the patient's health is continuously monitored and any changes in their condition are promptly addressed.

Service options:

Must provide shower, washroom access, sleeping accommodation and kitchen access with utensils for patients cooking at patient’s expense. 

12 Hour
Must provide washroom and kitchen access

@Per Hour