How Ensocure Works

From seniors to toddlers, we offer personalised care for each and every member of your family.. Our programs are designed to stay in touch with you and provide one-to-one expert medical care, anytime, all the time.

Why Ensocure

Quality, Affordable, Expert Care at Home, or Anywhere!

We focus on building strong relationships between the family, their doctor and the entire team. We believe that the patient-doctor relationship is the key to successful medical therapy.

We assign one dedicated doctor and nurse practitioner to each family, who is supported by teams of nursing staff, senior specialists, psychologists, dietitians and medical assistants. We provide in-home physical therapy and exercise counselling as well.

Starting with a basic head-to-toe checkup at home, facilitating diagnostics, even genetic testing, our team will draw up a treatment plan for each family member which includes, medication, diet counselling, mental health counselling, periodic monitoring, and access to their doctor whenever they need them. In short, Ensocure takes care of you completely.

Backed by advanced technology that combines medical and wearable data, we give you actionable changes tailored for you to bring about a lifestyle change that actually works.

What We Offer

We offer a full suite of medical services that work for you
Ensocure Prime
All-in-one family and individual care subscription plan with primary, preventive, senior and paediatric care and monitoring. Each family member’s chronic illnesses, each child’s development, each person’s weight & biomarkers are monitored and managed by the primary doctor personally assigned to you, along with help from our empanelled specialists. All existing medical records and future records are scanned and maintained by our medical record…..
Ensocure Mobile Infusion Clinic
Ensocure offers safe and effective, mobile IV infusion therapy for weight loss management, PCOS management, Myers cocktails, Fibromyalgia management, Diabetes management, Iron infusions and anaemia management, migraine care, hangover relief and more in the comfort of your home. Infusion therapy delivers 100% of the medications and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. It is far superior than…..
Ensocure Senior Care
Trained by specialists, our AHA certified medical assistants live with their senior patients and constantly screen & assist in all aspects of their health. Armed with point-of-care devices for testing, under the supervision of our nurses and doctors, our attenders provide the ultimate in continuous home health care that ranges from attending to hygiene, medication management, to coordinating with nurses and medical personnel.
Ensocure Child Care
Raising children in today’s media rich environment requires planning and energy. Our nannies are trained in caring for special needs kids. They monitor their progress, play games that don’t require screens, monitor the child’s health and keep in touch with our paediatricians, psychologists, and nursing staff during their shifts.
Ensocure Obesity Management Clinic
Science and Evidence based combination of Nutritional Counselling, Behavioural Counselling, Exercise Therapy, Medication, IV Therapeutics and more to make sure you address an underlying metabolic and psychological relationship with food while losing weight and feeling comfortable…..
Ensocure Migraine Clinic
Migraine Management is the epitome of personalised care. Each person’s migraine has different triggers and intensity, requiring different solutions to be found and applied. Our neurologist-led personalised migraine clinic uses cutting-edge treatment with time honoured monitoring and journaling methods to control and prevent migraines.
Ensocure Corporate Care

Enhanced Enso Prime service for executive level, and employee care that is highly customisable with easy integration for each individual and organisation’s scale…..

Ensocure Medical Tourism Concierge

Surgical and medical care in Bengaluru is renowned for its skill, service, and low costs. Our team provides end-to-end planning…..

Ensocure Community Support

In addition to screening camps and support groups held at our clinics, we offer an online free support channel on Discord. Staffed by Ensocure specialists like…..

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Ensocure’s excellence in home healthcare services is best reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. Our personal touch is a unique journey for every customer and here is what some have to say about their personal experience with Ensocure.

Specialised Support Service

Expertise in all aspects of Home healthcaare

Certfied Medical Attendants

Excellent Monitoring and Response Time


Why Do People Love Us?

Marjeri Mathew

"My association with Dr. Vinay started long ago. He has been go to my person given my medical condition esp during the last 5 months as I went through a difficult health condition he has been closely monitoring my blood work and medications too. His advice has proven very valuable to me and has helped me get back on track sooner. He is extremely knowledgable and takes time to explain why a certain symptom appears in a particular way and how that could be the undelying cause of something bigger. Just being able to have him as go to expert gives me and my family a lot of comfort during emergencies."

Marjeri Mathew

Nitesh Kumar Sharma

"Amazing Staff and the doctor! Went there for unexplained pain in wrist and thumb that was bugging me for months. Dr Vinay carefully understood the problem and explained possible root causes in each and every step. It's not just someone writing pills or shot but someone who explains everything about medicines dosage side effects. Best experience I ever had while receiving treatment, would recommend to everyone!"

Nitesh Kumar Sharma

Sheenam Ohrie

"Dr Vinay is a very thoughtful and empathetic doctor. He visits home to meet with the elderly patient along with a nurse. Spends time to understand and does regular follow up."

Sheenam Ohrie

Hema Ganesh

"Dr. Bhardwaj & his Enso Organisation are the best thing to ever happen to me & My Family. They are like a warm blanket. "

Hema Ganesh

Prakruti Gupta

"During my first pregnancy, my insulin requirements was very high. During my second pregnancy, thanks to ENSO and the CGM, I was able to keep my insulin requirements very low and have an easy delivery."

Prakruti Gupta

Why Clients Choose Us

Why Clients Choose Ensocure Prime

Choosing Ensocure eliminates the tension of hunting for doctors to visit your home. With an Enscoure package, we know and understand everything about your medical condition, knowledge that helps you get accurate medical help when and where you need it. Our single window healthcare process has helped several clients benefit from home healthcare that saves valuable money and time.

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