7 Transformative Core Strengthening Push-Ups for Women

Women, just like men, are passionate about sports and physical activities. But, sometimes, certain situations in life, such as pregnancies, injuries, or simply not having a sports-oriented childhood, can make building basic strength a little more challenging. But don’t give up on your fitness dream just yet because every journey begins with a single step, and yours is about to become a thrilling adventure.

Strength isn’t just about toned arms or chiselled abs; it starts deep within you, right in your core. Imagine your body as a magnificent skyscraper. Without a strong foundation, the skyscraper won’t stand tall. Similarly, your core is the fundamental foundation supporting your body’s muscle building and movement. It’s the magical link connecting your upper and lower body, giving you that impressive balance and stability to move gracefully and prevent injuries. The core is the captain of your bodily ship, and it’s time to train this captain right!

Let’s guide you through 7 transformative core strengthening push-ups for women, perfect to kickstart your journey to a stronger self. Once you’ve built up your core strength, you’ll be more than ready to tackle more advanced workouts.

1. Chair Push-Ups with Single Leg Raise 

The chair push-up with single leg raise is an exercise that engages various muscles, from your spinal erectors and quadriceps to your iliopsoas and transverse abdominal muscles. By raising one leg while performing a push-up on a bench or chair, your core works overtime to maintain balance. Lower the bench or chair level gradually until you no longer need it. Each step-down ramps up the intensity, gradually shifting more weight towards your upper body, making you stronger.

Start with: 5-10 reps (each with one leg raised)

2. Standard Push-Up

The most common and basic of all exercises, the standard push-up, targets your upper body. This exercise is an all-rounder by eliminating the pesky upper arm jiggle and building core power. If you’re up to the challenge after your single-leg raise push-ups, this one’s for you.

Start with: 8-12 proper push-ups

3. Staggered Hand Push-Ups

Among core strengthening push-ups for women, the Staggered Hand Push Ups is not your everyday push-up. This advanced progression is like the Swiss army knife of push-ups – it targets your triceps, chest, arms, shoulders, and biceps, leaving you feeling stronger and your core tighter. 

But how does one do it? Imagine you’re about to do a regular push-up, but now, slide one hand backwards and the other forward, creating about a 12-inch distance between them. Then proceed like you would do a normal push-up while in this position. To keep things interesting and balanced, switch your arms and repeat. Remember to keep your body steady and you can either continuously alternate between hands or focus on working out one side first and then the next.

Start with: 5-10 reps each side

4. One-Hand Push-Up on Medicine Ball

This exercise brings balance and strength together. Push yourself up and down with one hand on a medicine ball and the other on the ground. The uneven positioning demands your shoulder girdle and core work extra hard to maintain stability, resulting in a stronger stomach, shoulders, and chest.

Start with: 5-10 reps on each side

5. Spiderman Push-Ups

Nothing can beat the Spiderman Push Up, among core strnegtheing push-ups for women. This is also called the side kick push-up or offset push-up, is an absolute game-changer for core strengthening. A notch above the traditional push-up, it helps improve your flexibility while bolstering your shoulders and biceps. Start in a push-up position and lift one leg up and sideways while bending your knee and bringing it close to your elbow. Remember, if it’s your left knee, it should try to touch your left arm’s elbow and vice-versa. 

Start with: 5-10 reps each side

6. Push-Ups on Physio Ball with Crunches

This dual-action exercise targets your rectus abdominus and hip flexors, strengthening your upper body and midsection. It not only builds core strength but also improves overall bodyweight balance. Remember to do a push-up first, then do the next action of crunching by dragging the ball along with your legs close to your chest.

Start with: 8-10 reps

7. Single Arm Dumbbell Row Push-Ups

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Single-arm dumbbell row push-ups are one of the best advanced push-up variations. This challenging exercise engages various muscles, including your lats, rear deltoids, rhomboids, and even the biceps. As you perform this push-up, your supporting arm and core work together to stabilize the lifted weight, enhancing overall muscle strength.

Start with: 8-10 reps.

Incorporating these 7 exercises into your routine can supercharge your fitness journey. The core-strengthening push-ups might challenge you initially, but remember, every push-up you do is a step towards becoming a stronger, healthier version of yourself. 

As you can see, these exercises progress from beginner levels to more advanced stages, creating a well-rounded workout plan. These top 7 core strengthening push-ups for women build the muscle mass and strength required to tackle even tougher workouts. Get set to accomplish your fitness goals – one push-up at a time!