Why Logistical Assistance is So Important for Medical Tourism in India

When it comes to medial tourism in India, the country  is now one of the best destinations in Asia for healthcare tourism. But what gives it an edge over Asian countries providing the same?

In developing countries, healthcare and surgery are expensive. This is why medical patients worldwide consider other countries for affordable healthcare. For example, surgery in the USA costs three 3 to 4 times more than in India. Countries like Thailand and China also provide cheaper healthcare, but can they compete with the expertise provided in India? What makes India an attractive destination for medical tourism? The answer is simple. Besides the variety of affordable healthcare and medical expertise,  it is India’s professional and efficient medical logistics assistance.

Why is logistical assistance important in medical tourism?

Logistical assistance is an important part of medical tourism in India, acting as an interface to ensure smooth interaction between patients and healthcare. Good ground logistics assistance instils confidence in patients knowing they will get the best medical services in a country.

A medical tourism experience can go haywire without efficient assistance or ground logistics. It could even end in disaster, especially if non-English speaking tourists travel alone in India, a country proficient in the language. Ground logistics takes care of all arrangements acting as a liaison between red tape, accommodation, and medical services.

What makes India feature high in levels of logistical assistance?

  • Global standards of healthcare
  • Efficient medical tourism with complete arrangements
  • Good spoken English language skills
  • Excellent travel arrangements and amenities
  • Expert healthcare in pre- and post-surgery
  • Effective communications network
  • Qualified and trained personnel

With such factors contributing to medical tourism in India, it is no wonder the world considers it an ideal destination for affordable healthcare. Medical patients do not possess the patience and energy to figure out their problems while in a country alien to them in culture, language, and environment. For this very purpose, healthcare providers like Enso Integrated Medicine provide solutions for a smoother and more satisfying experience.

In India, Enso Integrated Medicine is fast emerging as a leading holistic healthcare service in Bangalore. The company has recently extended into medical concierge services in India and provides various logistical and healthcare assistance to make your medical experience fruitful. With medical concierge services, Ensocure provides a healthcare delivery model more exclusive than logical assistance. It involves 24/7 doctor access, scheduling appointments, personalized care, documentation and much more. Ensocure Integrated Medicine caters to patients within India and abroad.

Enso Integrated Medicine provides the following.

  • Handling all aspects of a Patient’s healthcare requirements, from pre- to post-procedure and nursing, 24/7
  • Teleconference and teleconsultations with doctors specially trained to approach a patient with a more caring and helpful attitude.
  • Post-procedure support and convalescence at tourist spots of choice with on-site care 24/7
  • 3-month to 1-year follow-up on patient’s progress, mental support, medication, and rehab advice. The support will be provided via telemedicine and handled by the procedure or surgical team, including the primary doctor in India.

At Enso Integrated Medicine, healthcare support comes with a personal touch. Throughout your medical journey, the company’s medical concierge services in India will remain a pillar of support, ensuring your entire medical experience is a comfortable one.