10 Best Places to Get Sun in Bangalore

Sunlight plays a major role in contributing to the production of vitamin D. Besides its own health benefits, Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium to maintain bone health. Called the sunshine vitamin, it is hard for the body to produce vitamin D from sources other than sunlight, which is why people living in places with limited sunlight experience low levels of vitamin D. The trend of work from home, and not going out often also leads to vitamin D deficiencies. Adequate Vitamin D in the body reduces inflammation, improves bone health, muscle mass and strength. It assists the immune system in fighting against common viruses and bacteria and is also helpful against certain types of cancers. Vitamin D even helps improve blood glucose metabolism and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Alternately a lack of vitamin D can result in osteoporosis or weak bone health. A blood test is the only way to discover whether you are deficient in vitamin D. The RDA or (required daily allowance) of vitamin D is 600 IU of vitamin D for men and 800 IU for women. Just think! Studies have found just 10-15 minutes of sun in India is enough to get an adequate dose of vitamin D. The best time of day to do so is between 10am and 3pm, perfect to go for an outing in Bangalore. Check out these 10 best places for sunlight in Bangalore.
1.Cubbon Park
Cubbon Park on Kasturda Road is a famous for its lush greenery and one of the best places to get sun in Bangalore. Close to the Dr B.R. Ambedkar Station Vidhana Soudha Metro Station, it is open from morning till evening. It has a pleasant, open atmosphere perfect for a stroll or a family outing. Cubbon Park is rich in Biodiversity and hosts around 6000 plants and trees belonging to 100 different species.
2. Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden traces its origin to the 1760s, when the then-ruler of Mysore, Hyder Ali, initiated the development of 40 acres of land as a private garden for the royal family. The gardens are extremely popular as an outdoor tourist spot in Bangalore recommended as one of the best for greenery and architecture.
3. Bannerghatta National Park
Although Bangalore is famous for the Number of Tech-giants offices present, it is surrounded by amazing wildlife on the city’s outskirts. Bannerghatta National Park near the Anekal Hill range consists of hilly terrain filled with natural granite sheets, lush deciduous forest and a wildlife corridor connecting the Sathyamanagalam Forest and BR Hills. The nearest landmark is Safari Rides Bus Stand.
4. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta
Among the popular hiking spots in Bangalore, 70 km south of the city, is Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, a quaint elevated hill standing 3780 ft above sea level. It is filled with dense shrubs, and is famous for a temple devoted to Lord Ranganatha Swamy. It is situated in Kanakapura, and its nearest landmark is the KSRTC Bus Stand.
5. Bugle Rock Park
Bugle Rock Park can be a good outing for the family; This is an awesome spot located in Basavanagudi, and close to the BMS college Bus stand. The park is filled with naturally-formed rocks known as the Peninsular Gneiss, estimated to be over 3,000 million years old. The environment is rich in greenery and has a beautiful fountain.
6. Manchanabele Dam
Manchanabele Dam was built to supply water from the Arkavathy River to the nearby townships of Magadi. It is a peaceful picnic and outdoor spot away from the usual city life. The dam and its surrounding area offer several outdoor activities such as trekking, boating, mountain climbing, camping, and even rappelling, making it one of the fun places to visit in Bangalore. If you plan to visit the dam, then the nearest landmark is Manchanabele Dam Cross Bus stand.
7. Thottikallu Falls
Swarna Mukhi Falls, also known as TK Falls or Thottikallu Falls, is an enjoyable weekend escape for the people in Bangalore. Perfect for shade and sunshine, it is located 35 km away from the city, and makes an awesome spot for trekking too. Just enjoy the hike, soak in the sun and vitamin D, or enjoy a shower in the cascading falls to relax after an exhausting trek. Thottikallu Falls is located on Kanakapura Road, and the nearest bus stand is the Kuppareddy Kere Bus stand. It is highly advisable to visit the falls between 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
8. Ulsoor Lake
Ulsoor Lake is a majestic lake in Bangalore and is so beautiful, it seems like a glimpse of heaven. The greenery, and boating besides being a serene combination, is perfect to get a dose of sunshine in Bangalore. Ulsoor Lake is an enchanting spot to experience breathtaking views during sunrise and sunset. The lake features a clean walkway and is a perfect spot to practice mindfulness. The closest landmark or bus stop would be MEG Centre Bus Stop.
9. Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree)
The Big Banyan tree, also known as Dodda Aalada Mara, is located in the village of Kettohalli, Karnataka, just 28 kms from Bangalore. It a single tree covering 3 acres of land and features a surrounding park perfect to get sunshine in Bangalore. The tree is more than 400 years old and has a huge circumference of more than 250 meters. The park is open from 1.30 am to 6.30 am, and besides a nice sunny outing, offers scenes for good photography too, but beware of monkeys.
10. Khas Bangale( Sri Chamarajendra Zoological gardens)

Khasa Bangle, or Mysore, Zoo is famous as India’s largest zoo. One of the oldest zoos in the world, it is spread over 157 acres and is one of the most popular outdoor spots in Bangalore. Perfect for getting sunshine, a stroll, or a picnic, the zoo houses around 1,450 specimens of animals and birds consisting of 168 species belonging to more than 25 countries. It also has a rich variety of flora making it one of the best green spots in the city. Located just 2 km away from Tipu Sultan’s Palace, it is open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm every day except Tuesday.

That’s it. If you’re living in Bangalore and wanting to know how to get your vitamin D naturally, then these are the ten best places to get sun in Bangalore.