9 Low Intensity Workouts Sure to Burn Fat

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Do you want to burn calories and drop the fat but are anxious about the pressure that high-intensity workouts might put on your joints? You’re not alone. Sprinting, jumping, and other intense exercises can indeed be harsh on your tendons, joint cushions, and muscles. The risks heighten if you’re new to these workouts or in your golden years. But don’t despair! You can still break a sweat and watch the fat melt away without heavy stress. How will it be possible? Well, that’s the beauty of low-intensity workouts. 

What are Low-Intensity Workouts (LIWs)?

Low-Intensity Workouts (LIWs) aren’t like exhausting, joint-straining, high-intensity workouts. These workouts ease you into a softer yet effective fitness world. Imagine exercises that keep your heart rate at a moderate level, all while burning calories, improving your mood, and boosting your overall health. They’re kinder to your body, requiring less recovery time, but still, pack a punch when it comes to fitness benefits. 

www.ensocure.com-low intensity workouts

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, in your golden years, or just fancy a workout that’s easier on the joints, LIWs could be your ticket to a fitter, active you without the stress. Ready to dip your toes into this friendlier fitness pool? Let’s dive into these Low-Intensity Workouts (LIWs) that can help you stay fit and fab!


Ever considered swimming for weight loss? Not only is it a fun and soothing low-intensity workout, but it’s also an all-around fat-burning champion! Compared to walking or jogging, swimming helps you shed more pounds quicker, shapes your waist, improves your overall body composition, and sculpts your arms, upper body, and legs. All these perks while you enjoy a cool splash!

Kettlebell Workouts

Let’s add some swing to your fitness regime with kettlebell routines. These mighty little weights are incredibly efficient for torching calories at the same rate as jogging or power walking on an inclined treadmill. The humble kettlebell swing can sizzle about 12.5 calories per minute. Plus, kettlebells help to tone your muscles and craft lean muscle, promising a physique or figure you’ll love to flaunt.

Low-Impact Training

Heard of the LIT method? No, it’s not about setting your workouts on fire! LIT stands for Low Impact Training. It’s a 50-minute workout program encompassing exercises like mat strength work, resistance band workouts, foam rolling mobility workouts, and rowing. Each of these exercises contributes towards gradually building your muscles and strength while triggering your body to shed fat effectively. 

Circuit Training

Circuit training is another ace in our fitness deck. Imagine combining strength training with elements of cardio – that’s circuit training for you! Due to minimal rest periods between exercises, it doubles as an effective cardio workout, burning significantly more calories than your regular strength training. With moderate weight training in the mix, circuit training also helps build your muscles and explosive strength at a comfortable pace.

Power Yoga

Ever thought about channelling your inner yogi? Power yoga could be your new workout routine! Unlike traditional yoga, power yoga keeps you on the move, helping you shed those calories. Picture yourself seamlessly transitioning from one pose to the next, engaging every muscle in your body, elevating your heart rate, and feeling the burn. All within an hour, power yoga can improve your balance, enhance your range of motion, and increase your overall body strength.

Elliptical Training 

How about elliptical training? Fun and effective, elliptical training offers a complete workout in just 30 minutes, targeting your glutes and potentially your upper body with ski-pole-like arm handles. You can be sure that it’s way more entertaining and less exhausting than a run or jog.


Hop on the rowing machine, and get those calories burning! Rowing is not just another workout; it’s a calorie-torching powerhouse that leaves no muscle unengaged. You can torch around 500 or even more calories in just an hour. That’s equivalent to a juicy, loaded cheeseburger or a colossal slice of cheesecake!

But wait, the magic of rowing goes far beyond just calorie burning. You’re embarking on a full-body workout journey when you get into that rhythmic pull and release motion. Your arms get toned, upper back muscles strengthened, legs sculpted, and core strengthened as well. Rowing lets you target multiple muscle groups at once, turning your workout session into a symphony of fitness gains.

But there’s more! A hidden gem in rowing lies in its ability to straighten that slouch and improve your upper back posture. Remember all those hours you’ve spent hunched over your desk, chipping away at your posture? Rowing can help you reverse that. As you pull back, extending your upper back, you’re training those muscles to hold a strong, upright position. So not only do you walk out of each session with a great workout under your belt, but you’ll also be walking a little taller.


Feel the breeze and take in the sights with a cycling session. Whether you choose the scenic outdoor route or the indoor stationary bike, cycling is a phenomenal low-intensity workout that’s easy on the joints. Plus, you can shed those pesky calories without feeling like you’ve been through a rigorous workout.

Total Body Resistance Training

Finally, get ready to experience the transformative power of TRX – Total Body Resistance Training. Using suspension or elastic straps, aka resistance bands, during basic exercises, like push-ups or squats, heightens muscular activity and skyrockets calorie burn. These versatile straps can be incorporated into your regular routine, making even the most basic exercises more effective.

Low-intensity workouts are a fantastic way to boost metabolic activity, torch calories, and melt fat without the risk of damaging your joints or soft tissues. These workouts could be your secret weapons if you’re eyeing fat loss, better fitness, and an enviable body shape. 

So, are you ready to get into the groove of these low-intensity workouts? Say goodbye to the joint pain and hello to a fitter, healthier you!