EnsoCure Healthcare and Research Pvt. Ltd. (in short, “Enso”) is a company  registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 with its registered office  in Bangalore. The Enso team consists of doctors, nurses and Allied  Healthcare Workers and administrative staff who provide/support Enso in  facilitating health care services.  

Enso’s Clinic is located at 10, 2nd Cross, Green Leaf Layout, 80 Feet Rd,  Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034 enand in addition to in-person consultation, Enso offers medical services as  detailed in this Service Level Agreement through any of the  telecommunication devices including landline, mobile phone, Tablet,  Desktop, Laptop or any other device (in short, “Device”) including through  WhatsApp, SMS, and Enso’s Application (in short “App”) called Ensocure.  

The Enso End Users License Agreement lists the key terms and conditions  that you should be aware of if you choose to download and install the App  on your Device and can be accessed at Enso’s website at  

The Enso Terms of Use further describes the terms and conditions that  govern the manner in which the App can be used by the User and can be  accessed at 

The Enso Privacy Policy protects the User’s medical or health information  provided to Enso at the time of Telemedicine Consultation and can be  accessed at 

This Service Level Agreement (“Agreement”) provides details of the  nature and extent of services (defined below) that Enso provides to its User  and shall be effective from the date on which the User downloads and  installs the App or communicates with Enso either through the App, the  Website, as the case maybe. 

1. RECITALS. Ensocure Healthcare and Research Pvt. Ltd., is engaged in  the business of advisory and consultancy services relating to health care  services, hospitals, sanatorium, clinics, day care centres, health resorts,  health spas and hospices. 


1.1. “Acceptance” means acceptance by the User of the terms and  conditions of this Agreement either by downloading and installation  of the App or by communicating with Enso on or 6362191675 or through in-person consultation for availing 

consultation services. For the avoidance of doubt, query only in  respect of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, EULA, Terms  of Use or Privacy Policy shall however not constitute tacit acceptance.  

1.2. “Agreement” refers to this Service Level Agreement and  includes reference to Annexure(s)

1.3. “App” in relation to this Agreement refers to the App,  “Ensocure” developed and owned by Enso and used for the purposes  set forth in this Agreement and to facilitate access to Services as  defined under Annexure to this Agreement, and any updates and  supplements to it, including an application provided by Us. 

1.4. “Business Hours” during a day is between 9.00 AM to 9.00  PM other than Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday. 

1.5. “Law” refers to all Central and State Statutes, Guidelines,  Notifications, Circulars, Orders and judge made law, amended from  time to time. 

1.6. Medical Practitioner” means a physician as defined under  Section 2(f) of the Indian Medical Councils Act, 1956. 

1.7. Protected Information” under this Agreement and in  relation to the Services refers to the information voluntarily provided  by the User to Enso that is necessary and relevant to the discharge  of responsibilities by Enso. 

1.8. “Services” means the services provided by Enso as defined in  the Annexure to this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, Enso shall not provide emergency health care services.  

1.9. “Telemedicine” is the use of telecommunications technology  to provide healthcare.  

1.10. “Telemedicine Practice Regulations” refers to the binding  Guidelines issued by the Board of Governors instituted by the Central  Government for regulating medical education and the medical  profession in India (in supersession of the Medical Council of India),  in partnership with the NITI Aayog in March 2020. These guidelines  are binding on medical practitioners practicing allopathic medicine. 

1.11. “User” refers to the individual to whom health care services  are provided by the Enso or a person providing care or to a person  who represents herself as a parent/guardian of their child under 18  years old. Thus, reference to a User may includes reference to the  extended family member of the User. In case the User is a minor, 

under the age of 18 years as defined under the Indian Majority Act,  1875, the parent or guardian of such a person shall be included in  the definition of User under this Agreement. The term User shall also  be a reference to a User/Patient who downloads and installs the App  and/or communicates with Enso towards consultation with one or  more of the Enso staff in respect of any matter that does not amount  to clarifications in respect of the terms and conditions of this, EULA,  Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. 


2.1. On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, the  User appoints Ensocure Healthcare and Research Pvt., Ltd.,/Enso as  the health service provider to provide non-emergency medical  consulting Services within India only for the Term. Enso hereby 

accepts such an appointment when the User downloads and installs  the App or communicates with Enso seeking medical consultation,  advice or intervention. 

2.2. The User acknowledges that the Services provided by Enso to  the User under this Agreement shall be in combination of in-person  consultation as well as remotely through the Ensocure App  downloadable from the Google Play and _____], and other forms of  communication as indicated in the Annexure to this Agreement.  

2.3. The App shall be used as a primary mode of communication  with the User. The App shall have a built-in Electronic Health record,  educational content and easy communication and scheduling facility. 

2.4. The Enso team providing Services comprises Dr. Vinay Rao  Bharadwaj and other staff, including a Dietician, a Pharmacist and  other doctors whose names and contact details are provided on the  Enso website. You may ask Enso for details of Physicians and other 

medical staff.  


3.1. Enso’s applicable charges for health care services are available  in the Annexure to this Agreement. 

3.2. The User, upon downloading and installing the App or if the  communication to Enso is through in-person consultation or through  the Website, shall inform Enso of the nature of assistance sought  from Enso, i.e., a one time consultation or subscription to Enso’s  Services. 


4.1. Enso acknowledges and agrees that it shall follow professional  and ethical standards as laid down by the Indian Medical Council  (Professional conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 (in  short, “MCI Code”) as well as the Telemedicine Practice Regulations  in their interaction with the Client.  

4.2. Enso shall maintain Confidentiality of all data generated. No  identifiable data in any form, including but not limited to,  demographic and biometric data, medical records such as scan  reports, test reports, prescriptions, and diagnostic reports, shall be  accessed, used or disclosed to any person for commercial purposes.  Please read the Privacy Policy available at for  terms and conditions in which Enso may use the User data. The  Privacy Policy shall be read as part and parcel of this Service Level  Agreement. You may also ask for a physical copy of the Privacy Policy  by email to Enso at ____. 

4.3. Tele-consultation by Enso shall strictly follow the Telemedicine  Practice Regulations and any other law applicable to provision of  Services. 


5.1. This Agreement shall be valid for a period of one (1) year  (“Term”) effective from the date on which the User downloads and  installs the App or communicates with Enso in respect of any query  that the User may have.  

5.2. Upon completion of Term, Enso shall be under no obligation to  provide Services to the User unless the User either explicitly or by  implication seeks to continue to avail of the Services provided by  Enso.  


6.1. Notwithstanding any provision under this Agreement, either  party may terminate this Agreement without cause upon 30 days’  prior written notice to the other.  

6.2. The Parties agree that this Agreement shall automatically  terminate upon the expiry of the Initial Term, unless it is extended  as per Clause 5.2. 

6.3. Either Party may also terminate this Agreement for cause if: 6.3.1. Either party breaches any material term or condition of this  Agreement or the End User License Agreement or the Terms of 

Use or the Privacy Policy and fails to cure such breach within thirty  (30) days after receiving written notice of the breach from the  other Party;  

6.3.2. Enso becomes insolvent (i.e., becomes unable to pay its debts  in the ordinary course of business as they come due) or makes an  assignment for the benefit of creditors; or 

6.3.3. The User may terminate this Agreement if Enso fails to provide  Services in accordance with competency and standard of care; 


7.1. In the event of this Agreement being terminated prior to its  Term, Enso shall provide all Services for the period of the remaining  month, as applicable.  


8.1. Standard of Care: Enso represents that the Services will be  performed and that its operations shall be conducted in accordance  with generally accepted and applicable professional practices and  standards as well as the requirements of applicable State and Central  laws.  


9.1. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic  of India. Any dispute arising in connection with or in respect of  interpretation of the terms of this Agreement shall be subject to  courts of competent jurisdiction in the city of Bangalore. 


10.1. The User agrees to agree to the terms of this Agreement upon  the satisfaction of either of the two conditions: 

10.1.1. When the User downloads and installs the App on a  Device.  

10.1.2. When the User signs this Agreement physically and  communicates his/her acceptance by email or snail mail to Enso  at [add email] or [add address]. 

10.1.3. By accepting to be bound by this Agreement in any  manner indicated in clause 10.1 above, the User agrees that this  Agreement merges, supersedes and terminates all other prior  commitments, arrangements, understandings, contemporaneous 

representations, discussions, proposals, negotiations, conditions,  communications and agreements, both oral and written, between  the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof. The User also  agrees that this Agreement collectively constitutes the final,  complete, exclusive and entire agreement and understanding of  the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. 

10.2. This Agreement may only be amended, modified or  supplemented by a written agreement signed by both of the Parties.  

10.3. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of  competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, the provision will be  modified by the court and interpreted so as best to accomplish the  objectives of the original provision to the fullest extent permitted by  law, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement will remain in  effect.  

10.4. The headings and captions used in this Agreement are for  convenience only and are not to be considered in limiting, construing  or interpreting the contents of any of the sections of this Agreement.  

10.5. No failure or delay by either party in exercising any right,  power, or remedy under this Agreement, except as specifically  provided herein, shall operate as a waiver of any such right, power  or remedy. The waiver by either party of a breach of or a default  under any provision of this Agreement will not be effective unless in  writing.  

10.6. If the User agrees to the terms of this Agreement but does not  agree to the terms of either the End User Licence Agreement or the  Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, this Agreement shall not be  considered to be in force. In such a case, the User is required to  uninstall the App from their Device. In case the User continues to use  the App or consult with Enso for health services, that shall be deemed  to constitute tacit acceptance of the terms of this Agreement as well  as the End User Licence Agreement, the Terms of Use and the Privacy  Policy. 

10.7. The User shall send a notice or communication in respect of this  Agreement to Enso at [] or [10, 2nd Cross,  Green Leaf Layout, 80 Feet Rd, Koramangala 4th Block,  Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034]. Enso shall send any  notice or communication to the User at the email or postal provided  by the User at the time of acceptance of this Agreement. The notice  or communication shall be deemed to have reached the parties, in  case of email.

10.8. A User may ask for a physical copy of this Agreement, which  can be collected at the Clinic during working hours.



The following services are provided to the Client on a monthly subscription  basis.  

I. Family Subscription for 1 (one) month covers the following: 

1. 1 (one) home visit from Nurse, for a general health checkup defined  by Enso on every member of the family living at the address  provided by the User. The nurse may also conduct/carry out specific  tests (which may not have been seen as relevant at the time of the  initial communication between Enso and User) but considered  necessary after discussion with the User/Patient and the Doctor.  Costs of such tests shall be borne by the User. 

2. The assigned General Physician (GP) shall, either through App or in  person at the Clinic or over the Telephone: 

A. Review individual and family medical data. 

B. Provide advise and suggestions in respect of current medical  issues with each member of the family. 

3. Unlimited scheduled online or physical visits to the clinic by the  family for a 1 (one) hour Medical or Allied Health consultation.  Procedures and testing during such a consult shall be chargeable.  Enso shall, at its discretion, schedule User/Patient visits depending  on professional requirements.  

4. Enso shall provide 1 (one) home visit by the GP assigned to the  family per quarter for health consultation with each family member  living at the address provider by the User and shall be applicable to  Users who have remained subscribers for at least 1 (one) quarter. 

5. Phone calls and Telemedicine Sessions are required to be scheduled  by way of an appointment, at least 2 days in advance. 

6. Unlimited chats (through App) with Assigned GP, Nutritionist and  Nurse. Chats are answered within 24 hours, not continuously or after  business hours.

7. This is not an emergency service. 

8. App Access: Full use of App for all family members at the same  address. 

9. Cost: Rs. 3500 per month (10% discount for 6 month subscriptions,  20% for yearly subscription.) 

10. Requests for home visits other than those mentioned in this section  are chargeable. 

II. Individual Subscription for 1 (one) Month: 

1. Same as family but for 1 individual. 

2. Cost: Rs. 2500.00 per Month (with 10% discount for 6 month  subscription, 20% for yearly subscription) 

3. App Access: Full App Access for 1 individual. 

III. App Only Subscription (1 Month) 

1. A User who chooses to consult with Enso only through the App shall  be charged for home visits or in-person consultation at 50% of the  One Time Service charge (mentioned in Section IV below).  

2. Enso shall not provide home visit consultation. 

3. Chats are answered within 24 hours on priority.  

a. Unlimited, scheduled, (not more than) 1 (one) hour Video Calls,  with the Assigned GP or Dietician are available through the App.  It is up to the assigned GP to accept or reschedule the call  based on professional availability and considerations.  

b. App Access: Full App Access for 1 (one) User/Individual. IV. One Time Services to Non-Subscribers 

1. General Medical Clinic and Nursing services available at the clinic.  Home visits can be requested. 

2. Costs per individual with each consultation lasting not more than 60  minutes is as noted in the Table below.


Clinic visit charges  (Rs.) 


Home visit 













3. Cost of consumables and medications dispensed during the visit are  charged on an as needed basis, separately. 

4. We offer a series of wellness products that are dispensed in Clinic or  at the patients home (IV Hydration and infusion services, etc).  

5. Physicians and Nurses have the right to prioritize the needs of  subscribers against those of the non-subscribers.  

6. A User in this Category shall have access to the following facilities  through the App: 

EHR, Health tracking and survey engagement at no cost. Free chat with Physician, Nurse & Dietician. While Enso  providers will try their best to answer chats in a timely manner  for everyone, no guarantee is made to non subscribers that  their chat will be answered at all.  

Video Calls through the App with medical providers or allied  providers are chargeable as one time services.