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The Ensocure Vision

Transforming Healthcare for Families

At Ensocure, our vision is to revolutionise healthcare by eliminating the need for traditional hospital visits and in-patient beds. We are dedicated to empowering families with the necessary expertise, advanced technology, and robust infrastructure, enabling them to lead healthy and joyful lives right from the comfort of their homes.
Our goal is to redefine the role of a General Practitioner, making them the backbone of each family’s healthcare system. With our integrated approach, we provide support through online consultations, in-clinic visits, and even in-home care. By centralising all medical services, including specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, nursing, and homecare, under one roof, we ensure that families receive comprehensive and seamless medical care.
By minimising the need for hospital visits, we not only save valuable family time but also offer a more personalised healthcare experience. Our aim is to create a healthcare model that prioritises convenience, accessibility, and individualised care, ultimately improving the overall well-being of families.
Join us on our mission to transform healthcare and bring about a new era of empowered and healthier families.

Revolutionising Healthcare for Indian Families

At Ensocure, our mission is to establish a standardised and family-centred healthcare system throughout India. We believe that every family deserves the highest quality of care, which is why our Integrated Physicians undergo continuous medical skill training and have access to a centralised panel of specialists. This ensures that our patients receive the best possible care and expertise.
To provide a personalised experience, each family is assigned an Integrated Physician and a senior nurse who work closely together. This continuity of care builds familiarity and trust, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of their health. Additionally, periodic house visits further strengthen this relationship, leading to positive outcomes and improved well-being.
Our registered and competent General Practitioners are at the heart of our healthcare teams. They serve as the primary point of contact for patients, offering seamless communication and coordination. With Ensocure, accessing specialist medical care and healthcare services has never been easier. Our streamlined approach simplifies the entire process, ensuring that patients have convenient access to the care they need.
Our Mission
Our History

Transforming Healthcare for a Better Future

Ensocure Integrated Medicine was founded in Bengaluru in 2020 by Doctor Vinay Bhardwaj. The inception of Ensocure arose during the pandemic when Dr. Bhardwaj recognized the limitations of telemedicine platforms as a neurologist, prompting him to make house visits and provide personalised care to patients. This experience highlighted the significance of primary and home care, regardless of the circumstances.
Ensocure initially started with a team of nurses and quickly expanded to include doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists. The team’s dedication and commitment enabled them to serve hundreds of families, corporates, and individuals throughout Bengaluru, delivering comprehensive healthcare services.
Today, Ensocure is on a mission to expand its services nationwide. The driving force behind this expansion is their unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare for the better. By offering a holistic evidence-based approach that combines primary care, home care, and specialised expertise, Ensocure aims to revolutionise the healthcare industry.
Through their integrated model, Ensocure prioritises the well-being of individuals and families, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care. By bringing together a diverse range of medical professionals, Ensocure offers a comprehensive suite of services to address various healthcare needs.
Join us as we continue to forge ahead, making a positive impact on healthcare across the nation.