healthcare timelinetest

Conduct a comprehensive body health analysis

Comprehensive Physical Evaluation

1. Biometric checks up by Nurse
2. On-demand teleconsultation

Understanding your body’s reaction to food & eating habits

1. Blood sugar, continuous glucose monitoring Lipid Profile, hbA1C
2.Screening for pathological eating behaviors

Create an individualized weight-loss plan

Long-Term Health Counselling

1. No Fad diets. Create a tailor-made program specific to your needs 
2. Review history and lifestyle

Custom Plan delivered through Enso Mobile App

1. Enso app records meals, suggest meal plans & recipes
2. Supplement analysis, management & education

Guiding you at every step of your weight management journey 

Regular check-ins with doctors & nutritionists

1. In-person and video calls via Enso App
2. Support and plan changes

Testing On-demand and at home

1. Routine ECG, Cardiac Output Screening & Urinalysis Reminders
2. Accountability tracking

We are a team of Doctors, Nurses and specialists dedicated to helping you live your best life. We monitor and treat illness as it arises while arming you with the knowledge you need to stay healthy and safe.

We aim to treat every patient with the best standards of care in science-based medicine.

We coordinate and organize your medical records and interactions. We coordinate with specialists and make sure your health issues are being managed holistically.