Enso is redefining “Senior Care” to create a positive mindset, increase confidence via an active & healthy lifestyle

Enso is helping seniors live in their own homes with confidence and independence.

Home Safety Inspection & Analysis

Monthly Home Visits & On demand teleconsult as needed

Home nursing tie up / addition

Home Lab Testing in Bangalore

Vaccination @ Home

Medication Reconciliation & Monitoring

Specialized Nutrition & Supplement Management

Preventive Care (Respiratory Screenings, Cardiac output Monitoring)

A team of doctors and nurses will be in constant touch to make sure that the patients mind and body are being stimulated and cared for

We make sure that each patient has plenty of time to have free conversations with the care giver team and all their queries are answered

We are a team of Doctors, Nurses and specialists dedicated to helping you live your best life. We monitor and treat illness as it arises while arming you with the knowledge you need to stay healthy and safe.

We aim to treat every patient with the best standards of care in science-based medicine.

We coordinate and organize your medical records and interactions. We coordinate with specialists and make sure your health issues are being managed holistically.